Patient Participation Group

Have you registered to be a part of our Patient Participation Group?

If so, we would like to thank you for your feedback and views.

If you have not registered to be a member of our patient group then we would welcome you to sign up now and begin helping us to improve your healthcare at the surgery.

As a member of our patient group we will contact you to find out what changes you would most like to see at this practice. We will ask questions from time to time, such as what you think about our opening times, getting an appointment, reception issues or the quality of the care or service you received. You can also get involved with a debate online.

We will contact you via email and keep our surveys short so it shouldn’t take too much of your time. You decide how often and when you would like to respond.

This is your opportunity to have a say in the changes and decisions taken within the practice about the services we offer.

If you would like to be a part of our patient participation group, please complete our online registration form.