Battersea Rise Group Practice, Battersea, London.

Useful Contacts

Useful Websites

Local websites

Wandsworth CCG - This is the website of your local primary care trust, which provides local health information as well as details about it's self.

Health Information Websites

BBC Health

Net Doctor

Fitness Information

Physio Room

NHS Websites

NHS Choices - This is a general site about healthy living and advice about managing illness.

NHS Direct - 24/7 Health Advice & Information

Other Medical Websites

Patient UK - This is a very useful UK site allowing patients to search for health information.

Medline Plus - This is an American site hosted by the National Library of Medicine. It is designed for the general public, giving detailed information about diseases, but is quite technical.

The Imperial Cancer Research Fund - This is a site containing news and fact sheets about cancer. It contains a useful children's section, and plenty of links to other cancer and medical sites.

NHS Immunisation - This is an official site with up-to-date information about children's immunisations.

UK Self Help - This is another very useful UK self help resource.

Teenage Health Freak - This is a site designed by a GP directed at young people.

Family Planning - A great website with family planning information.

Travel Websites

Fit for Travel - This is a very useful UK travel site which describes requirements for countries worldwide in considerable detail.