Battersea Rise Group Practice, Battersea, London.

Important changes to your medical records

Dated: 5-Feb-14

GP practices across England will soon be required to supply patients’ personal and confidential medical information, on a regular
and continuous basis, to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

The data upload is due to commence in March 2014 and all households should receive a leaflet (‘Better information means better care’) through their letterbox about this in January.

Details from your medical record will be extracted from the practice in a form that can identify you, and will include your NHS number,
date of birth, postcode, gender and ethnicity, together with your medical diagnoses (including cancer and mental health), their
complications, referrals to specialists, your prescriptions, your family history, details of your vaccinations and screening tests, your blood test results, your body mass index, and your smoking/alcohol habits.

To find out more information please download the Care.Data leaflet...

If you would like to Opt-Out of the Care.Data programme you can do so by going to

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