Battersea Rise Group Practice, Battersea, London.

Patient Survey 2012 / 2013 Results

The results are shown below.

Total responses: 181

1Are you happy with the appointments system?
     No 18
1 a)If you answered 'No' and are not happy with the appointment system, how would you like to see it improved?
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2How do you rate the way you are treated by receptionists at the practice?
     Very poor 00%
3How do you rate the hours that the practice is open for appointments?
     Very poor 00%
4What is your preferred time of day to see a doctor or nurse?
     Saturday 14
4 a)How many times have you visited the surgery in the last three months?
     More than 10 3
5Do you have any longstanding health conditions?
     No 164
5 a)If you answered 'Yes' to having a longstanding health condition, please specify
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6Who did you see the last time you visited the surgery?
     Health Care Assistant 5
7How would you rate the level of clinical care that you received?
     Very poor 10%
8Were you happy with the length of time you waited to be seen?
     No 17
9How do you usually contact the surgery?
     By telephone168
     By email00%
     By personal visit 12
9 a)Do you find this satisfactory?
     No 7
9 b)How could we improve this contact? Please specify
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10The practice provides some extra services, for example, ECG, 24 hr blood pressure, anticoagulation monitoring, spirometry, phlebotomy, Intra uterine device (coil), Nexplanon insertion. Are you aware of these services?
     Don't know 5
11Are there any healthcare services currently unavailable at the surgery that you would like to see? Please specify
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12Are you aware of our online services for managing appointments
     No 28
12 a)Do you use our online services?
     No 38
12 b)If you know about our online service but don't use them, why not? Please specify
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13Monitoring: (Answers to the following questions are essential for practice statistics)
What is your age?
     Under 185
     Over 65 8
14Are you?
     Female 93
15What is your ethnic group?
     White (British, Irish, European, other white background)111
     Mixed ethnicity (white & black Caribbean, white and black African, white and asian, any other mixed/multiple ethnic background)26
     Asian/Asian British (Indian, Pakistani,Bangladeshi, Chinese, and any other background)23
     Black/African/Caribbean/Black British (African, Caribbean, any other black/African/Caribbean background)12
     Other (please specify below) 00%
15 a)Other ethnic group
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16Any additional comments
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17Although this survey is designed to be anonymous, if you would be willing to be contacted please give your name, telephone number or email address below
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